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The Founding of Church


Who established the church in India ? People belonging to every Christian denomination of Kerala, in one voice would answer St. Thomas. Syrian Orthodox Church also believes so, St.Thomas reached Kodungallur by ship in AD52. The widely accepted tration is that St. Thomas visited various places and baptized many Jews and Hindus and thus began the process of establishing the Church. Middle east countries and kerala had trade relations during the early centuries. So it may not have been difficult for St. Thomas to reach the coasts of Kerala.

St. Thomas is depicted as the apostle of India by the faith, tradition old liturgy, church history, the views of historians etc. The Syrian Orthodox Church Strongly believes that St.Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of the Jesus, had established the Church in India. There exists a strong tradition in Malankara about the arrival of St.Thomas, his mission, death, burial and about the relics of his mortal body. No other country or people make such claim about St.Thomas, As a result of his mission, high Brahmins of Pakalomattam, Shankarapuri, Kalli, and Kaliangal had joined church and member from these house were ordained as priests. Besides, he is believed to have founded churches at Malankara Paloor, Kottakkacu, Chayal ( Nilakkal), Niranam, Quilon, and Gokamangalam and celebrated Holy Qurbana in these churches. He later went to China to spread Gospel and returned to India and during his mission, he was killed by fanatics and was buried at Mylapore in the state of Madras, South India. However his relics were taken to Edessa in the 4th Century at the instance of the then Patriarch of Antioch.



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